Further branch office - cessation

General information

Cessation of activities in an additional place of business (branch office) must be reported to the competent trade authority.

The reported cessation of activities forms the basis for deleting the entry of this place of business in the Trades Register.

Required documents

No special documents are necessary.


Basically, business activities in a branch office may cease at any time.

The report must be received by the trade authority no later than the day on which business ceases in an additional location.

PLEASE NOTE If the holder of a trade licence fails to report cessation of business in an additional location within the deadline requirement of the trade authority, he/she commits an administrative offence carrying a fine of up to 2,189 Euro.


Non-regulated ("free") and regulated trades (including sub-trades):

  • No fees or taxes are incurred

Legal basis

Section 46 of the Gewerbeordnung 1994 (GewO 1994)


Cessation of activities in an additional place of business may be reported - either with or without the use of an official form - personally, in writing or by electronic means.

An informal report shall include the following information:

  • Name and designation of company
  • Primary location as well as location of the additional place of business
  • Designation of the trade


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Responsible department

Trade authority locally competent for the location of the additional place of business:

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