Waste management coordinator - nomination (application)

General information

If hazardous waste (except asbestos cement) is to be collected and/or treated by a legal personGerman text or if the person collecting or treating the waste fails to furnish proof that she/he herself/himself has the necessary technical know-how and skills, a full-time employee must be appointed as waste manager [abfallrechtlicher Geschäftsführer].

PLEASE NOTE It is permitted to appoint several waste managers with clearly defined fields of activity.

Required documents

Proof of the fulfilment of the requirements.


There are no specific time limits.

PLEASE NOTE In cases where an appointed waste manager leaves, deadlines must be observed (see additional information).


Costs depend on various ordinances on levies and fees. It is recommendable to gather more detailed information from the competent authority beforehand.

Legal basis

Section 26 of the Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz 2002 (AWG 2002)


The application for the permit must be filed with the competent body. Using in particular the documents provided, the latter checks whether the requirements for the appointment of the concrete person as waste manager have been fulfilled and decides on the issue by official notice.

PLEASE NOTE The application for the granting of the permit for the collection and/or treatment of hazardous waste and the application concerning the appointment of the waste manager can also be filed together.


Only those persons can be appointed as waste managers that

  • are reliable with respect to the activity to be carried out and have the technical know-how and skills required for the collection and treatment of the wastes for which the permit is granted;
  • satisfy the requirements of a responsible person in charge [verantwortliche Beauftragte/ verantwortlicher Beauftragter] as set out in section 9 of the Verwaltungsstrafgesetz 1991 (VStG); and
  • is in a position to act accordingly at the enterprise.

PLEASE NOTE As the responsible person in charge, the waste manager is responsible for ensuring that the activity is carried out in a technically proper manner and that the relevant provisions under waste law are complied with.

Additional information

If the waste manager leaves the enterprise, the person holding the permit must, without delay, appoint a new waste manager and apply for the corresponding permit. If this appointment and the application are not carried out within three months, the activity has to be stopped.

Responsible department

The Provincial GovernorGerman text

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