Waste Collection/Waste Treatment - Master Data Registration

General information

Waste collectors and operators of waste treatment facilities have to register on the EDM portal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management before starting their activities. In the framework of registration, they need to record their physical locations and plants in the register.

For more information on master data registration, in particular on support concerning the registration of plants and the structure of plants in the register, please see the EDM portal.

The electronic Master Data Register "ZAReg" (formerly ERAS - Electronic Register for Industrial Plants and Personal Master Data) was established on the basis of the "Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz" and constitutes a central register of plants and persons which is used for multiple notifications in the waste management and environment sectors. ZAReg allows the collection of master data of industrial plants and persons across legal areas, the well-structured recording of person- and plant-specific authorizations (e.g. content of notices of approval) as well as the handling of numerous notification obligations by way of so-called EDM applications. All EDM applications access the data stored in ZAReg. Recorded master data are available to the respective persons registered (at present over 40.000) as well as to the competent authorities. For the public, general query tools were set up.

Required documents

No special documents are required.

PLEASE NOTE Keep on hand your extract from the register of companies [Firmenbuchauszug] and the information concerning industry classification from Statistik Austria (industry sector code) when drawing up the application for registration. Consult the relevant notices of approval when entering the master data or registering plants.


Registration has to take place prior to the start of the activity.


No tariffs or duties have to be paid.

Legal basis


The registration on the EDM portal comprises two steps: First, an application for registration is filed and after the user has been identified, the data are supplemented and completed.

Data required for the application for registration:

  • Name
  • Address of corporate headquarters
  • Mailing adress
  • If appropriate, company register number, association register number or supplementary register number. (These numbers must be provided in the application for registration and cannot be entered or modified later on.)
  • Industry sector codeGerman text [Branchencode] (four-digit code)
  • Contact person

After the application for registration has been sent, the waste collector or the operator of the waste treatment facilities receives an identification number (GLN Person) and the individual access data to the register. With these access data, the waste collector or the operator of the waste treatment facilities must again log into the register and, in particular, has to add information on the following data:

  • Addresses of the physical locations
  • Treatment methods
  • Plants, types of plants
  • Reporting units
  • Where applicable, further contact data and/or contact persons

PLEASE NOTE The registration is finished only after all these data have been entered into the register. By the entry into the register each physical location and each plant is also assigned an identification number (GLN for locations, GLN for plants).


The collection or treatment of waste


Registration is by electronic means via EDM portal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

Entrepreneurs registered in the Business Service Portal USP have the possibility to use EDM and many other online proceduresGerman text with one single logging into the USP. More detailed information on registration in the USP is available in the online guidance on registrationGerman text.

Additional information

Responsible department

The Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism

PLEASE NOTE Registration is by electronic means via EDM PortalGerman text of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

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