Examples of cooperation between the City of Vienna and the UN

The City of Vienna has been engaged in fruitful cooperation with the UN offices and organisations based in Vienna for years. Participants of UN conferences are regularly invited to receptions in Vienna's City Hall. Cooperation with UNIS, the UN Information Service in Vienna, has a particularly long tradition: projects with journalists, pupils and teachers from all over Austria and its neighbouring countries have been jointly developed and designed for many years.

Vienna International Model UN (VIMUN)

Group of young people in festive clothing

Students from all across the world have come to Vienna every summer for years to participate in the VIMUN Vienna International Model UN, an UN simulation conference held at the Vienna International Centre. The festive reception at Vienna's City Hall is one of the programme highlights for the young people from more than 40 countries.

Talespin 2009 - intercultural student project

The name Talespin comes from the English expression "to spin a tale", which is derived from the former custom of telling each other fairy tales while working on the spinning wheel. The international musicians of the Talespin Ensemble combine classical music with fascinating illustrations and exciting tales from all around the world. Traditional stories from the artists' home countries arouse the audience's curiosity for the colourful diversity of different cultures.

Joined together by music

In cooperation with UNIS, the UN Information Service in Vienna, the project was also linked up with the Vienna International Centre. The Talespin project on mother tongue and identity, which emphasises the quality of music as a uniting language, was disseminated directly among the target group of schools and pupils aged between ten and 18 through the Vienna School Board. The manifold project results from the participating Viennese schools were presented and celebrated in the rotunda of the Vienna International Centre in 2010.

Uniting for peace in Vienna

Group photo on a staircase

Member of the City Council Elisabeth Vitouch among representatives of the embassies and the group of students

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2008, the City of Vienna and the UN Information Service in Vienna (UNIS) jointly organised a student forum held under the theme "Uniting for Peace". 60 students from Southeastern European capitals gathered in Vienna to exchange experiences and discuss issues of intercultural understanding and cross-border dialogue. The forum provided young people from Belgrade, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje and Zagreb with an opportunity to meet on neutral ground, look back on recent history and look ahead into a peaceful future.

Building bridges between capitals

On the invitation of Vienna's Mayor Michael Häupl, 60 students from Southeastern Europe spent four days in Vienna where they completed a very dense programme. As a member of the Union of Central and Southeastern European Capitals (UCSEEC), the Austrian capital, together with UNIS Vienna and a number of other partners and sponsors, had initiated and organised the forum. The official programme was complemented by a series of informal and cultural events, giving participants sufficient time to explore their host city and build bridges between the different capitals.


Regina Wiala-Zimm

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