United Nations (UN) in Vienna

View of the "UNO-City" (Vienna International Centre)

Since 23 August 1979, the Vienna International Centre (VIC) has been the seat of different UN institutions, which is why it is called "UNO City" by the Viennese. More than 4,000 employees from more than 100 countries work at the UN offices in Vienna. About a third of them are Austrians.

The Vienna International Centre hosts a large number of international conferences and expert meetings each year. Larger conferences are held at the Austria Centre next door.

United Nations offices and institutions at the VIC

Vienna Service Office (VSO)

The Vienna Service Office is a field office of the City of Vienna and offers free information and advice to UN employees and their families. Newcomers to the city are provided with helpful brochures and leaflets in English on a variety of issues related to Vienna.

Vienna Service Office


Angelika Wölfer

Publications and exhibitions

Several brochures and an exhibition provide illustrative information about the history of and everyday life at the Vienna International Centre. They describe the excellent cooperation between the City of Vienna and the United Nations and present the services offered by the city.


Regina Wiala-Zimm

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