Humanitarian aid from the City of Vienna - completed projects

By providing in-kind support, Vienna strengthens the public healthcare and social sector in Eastern Europe.

Hospital furniture for Mariupol, Ukraine

Hospital beds about to be loaded

For many years, the City of Vienna has been supporting the healthcare and social sectors of several Eastern European countries by donating no longer needed furniture and equipment. For reasons of particular urgency, hospitals in Ukraine once more received in-kind assistance in 2016. As many as four articulated trucks loaded with working clothes for nursing staff, hospital beds, wheelchairs and small items of furniture were already sent to Mariupol in the eastern part of Ukraine, where the relief supplies provided by the City of Vienna support the medical care extended in an emergency hospital. In recent months, lorries carrying relief supplies were likewise deployed to the cities of Lviv, Zaporizhia and Dnipro.

Working clothes for nursing staff in Prizren, Kosovo

Bernhard Bouzek with soldiers of the Austrian Armed Forces

In August 2016, no longer needed hospital staff uniforms from the stocks of the City of Vienna were handed over to units of the Austrian Armed Forces serving in Kosovo under the KFOR mandate. This enabled the civil-military co-operation (CIMIC) team to provide the municipal hospital of Prizren with urgently needed working clothes. Since the hospitals of Kosovo inter alia lack suitable working clothes for their medical and nursing staff, the aid shipment comprising 4,000 sets of used clothing was greatly welcomed. Due to its geographic proximity to Kosovo, Austria is particularly interested in that country's peaceful development. The hospital of Prizren disposes of 520 beds and in the course of one year extends medical assistance to roughly 500,000 persons.

Hospital furniture for Sibiu, Romania

Lorry being loaded with cardboard boxes of hospital staff uniforms

As part of the humanitarian aid activities of the City of Vienna, several truckloads of no longer needed furniture from former geriatric centres and hospitals are donated every year to assist hospitals in the County of Sibiu, Romania. The beds, hospital staff uniforms and medical devices as well as cabinets, desks, kitchenettes and sanitary facilities thus made available constitute a sustainable and lasting contribution to quality assurance in public hospitals, retirement homes, schools and educational institutions. Long-standing and efficient co-operation with local partner organisations makes the Romanian region of Transylvania a prime target area for the humanitarian engagement of the City of Vienna in Eastern Europe.

A large fire-extinguishing tanker from Vienna on the Adriatic

Fire-fighters from Marina in training

For many years, the City of Vienna has been supporting municipalities in Eastern and South-eastern Europe by providing them with no longer needed municipal vehicles. More specifically, Croatian communities on the Adriatic coast are often faced with forest and bush fires that are impossible to contain without adequate technical equipment. In recent years, the coastal village of Marina, a favourite of Austrian holidaymakers, was repeatedly affected by fires, which posed a menace to the road link to Split as well as to infrastructure facilities. Since the region suffers from water shortages, it proved impossible to fight the fires without a fire engine equipped with a large tank. Due to the particular urgency of the situation, Municipal Department 68 - Fire Services and Disaster Relief (MA 68) of the City of Vienna in June 2016 joined forces with the Chief Executive Office - European and International Affairs (MD-EUI) to provide the municipality of Marina with a large fire-extinguishing tanker for the community's volunteer fire brigade. The vehicle is roughly 30 years old and fully operational; it is equipped with a water tank with a capacity of 7,800 litres and can be used for fire-fighting by employing both a water cannon installed on the roof and water hoses.

Packages signal solidarity with children in distress

Bernhard Bouzek (Chief Executive Office - European and International Affairs, MD-EUI) and Wolfgang Laumann (Municipal Department 48)

For the past six years, the Chief Executive Office - European and International Affairs (MD-EUI) has been co-operating with the "Tandler" team (a unit of Municipal Department 48 - Waste Management, Street Cleaning and Vehicle Fleet that runs a large store for second-hand items) to organise a humanitarian aid campaign for the benefit of children in Ukraine. Cardboard boxes brimming with warm winter clothing, cuddly toys and educational games are sent to Kiev as a special Christmas treat for youngsters in need. The fully functional second-hand items collected by the employees of Municipal Department 48 - Waste Management, Street Cleaning and Vehicle Fleet (MA 48) hence serve a charitable purpose as well, since in addition to promoting the idea of waste avoidance and the re-use of pre-owned items, this campaign also serves as a Viennese Christmas greeting for children in Eastern Europe. After arrival of the shipment in Ukraine, the Austrian Embassy hands the goods over to schools and kindergartens.

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