Vienna – world's best city for young people

A US-American ranking platform calls Vienna "The City of Dreams" and "The City of Music" and has ranked it the best city for young people to live in.

Young people relaxing in the Museums Quarter

In August 2013, the US-American internet ranking platform "" ranked Vienna first among the 25 "Best Cities For Young People To Live In". Second place goes to New York, followed by Malta, Melbourne, Salvador, Dubai, Vancouver, Prague, Edinburgh, and Paris.

And here are the reasons for Vienna’s top ranking:

"'The City of Dreams' or 'The City of Music' has almost everything young people would probably be looking for in a city. It’s history, culture, economy, environment, and just the fact that it's the most liveable city in the world clinches the #1 spot."

"" was founded by students David Pegg and Syed Balkhi with the aim to collect and publish facts and information on a broad number of topics such as art, politics, history, science, geography, and sports. The individual contributions are based on the subjective assessment of the authors. 25 Best Cities For Young People To Live In

Many top rankings

The current top ranking confirms the trend that Vienna has increasingly become an attractive city for young expats and students. For example, Vienna has been ranked fifteenth place among 50 cities worldwide in the "QS Best Student Cities 2013-2014" ranking by the British research company QS.

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