Vienna named Europe's most liveable city

Vienna has been ranked second in the "Global Liveability Ranking 2017" of the renowned weekly newspaper "The Economist".

Panorama view over Vienna with St. Stephen's Cathedral in background

According to the ranking, Melbourne is the world's most liveable city and Vienna has been ranked second like in the previous years ahead of Vancouver and Toronto. The only other European cities in the top ten are Helsinki (9) and Hamburg (10).

In their study, the British researchers of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) have compared 140 cities and have considered 30 factors such as healthcare, environment and infrastructure as well as educational and cultural resources. They have rated each factor in a city between acceptable and intolerable and have also considered the judgment of analysts.

The top five

According to the EIU the world's most liveable cities are

  1. Melbourne
  2. Vienna
  3. Vancouver
  4. Toronto
  5. Calgary and Adelaide

The world's most 'liveable' cities

The least liveable city

The Syrian city of Damascus, which has been ravaged by the civil war, has been named the least liveable city in the world.

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