Global Power City Index 2020 – Vienna among the top 20

The Austrian capital was ranked at number 16 of 48 cities in the "Global Power City Index" (GPCI) of the Japanese Mori Memorial Foundation. In the category "Environment", Vienna ranked 3rd worldwide behind Stockholm and Copenhagen but ahead of Berlin and Vancouver.

The Global Power City Index, which was published in December 2020, ranks London (1) at the top ahead of New York (2), Tokyo (3), Paris (4), and Singapore (5). In 2019, Vienna's rank fell to 21. However, in 2020, Vienna was again ranked among the top 20 cities in the world.

The Index evaluates urban functions by using 70 indicators resulting in the categories "Economy", "Research and Development", "Cultural Interaction", "Liveability", "Environment", and "Accessibility". The GPCI is the first ranking that also considers the effects of Covid-19.

Top spot in the category "Resident"

An additional "Actor Evaluation" is carried out from the perspective of 4 different actors in a city. These are business managers, employees, tourists, and residents.

Vienna holds the top spot worldwide for the residents' perspective of living in a city with a pleasant environment.

Comparison of major world cities

Since 2008, the Institute for Urban Strategies of the Japanese Mori Memorial Foundation has been comparing major world cities in its "Global Power City Index" (GPCI) with regard to their competitiveness and attractiveness for businesses and creatives. Originally, the ranking was meant to compare Tokyo to other cities and identify potential for improvement.

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