Vienna's housing model is globally sought after

In 2019 and 2020, Vienna celebrates the 10th anniversary of municipal housing. Vienna's social housing model is unique and is one of the most successful political housing projects in the world.

What is part of everyday life in Vienna, sparks a strong interest in other cities in the world. With its international exhibitions, Wiener Wohnen makes an important contribution to in-depth cultural exchange.

Exhibition on Viennese housing in Moscow

Moscow was the venue of the much noted "NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTRE" project about urban peripheries in the Russian and Austrian capitals.

The highlight of the project was the current Wiener Wohnen exhibition "The Viennese Model of Social Housing. A Success Story", which had been redesigned and translated into Russian.

This exhibition looks back on a successful era of social housing in Vienna. Yet it also shows which efforts Wiener Wohnen undertakes today to preserve and further develop this valuable heritage for future generations.

On display in Seoul and Washington

exhibition room

Opening of the exhibition on "Residential Construction in Vienna from 1920 to 2020" in Seoul

The exhibition was also displayed at the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture in South Korea's capital. It was translated into Korean for this purpose. On the invitation of the University of Maryland in Washington D.C., the Austrian Cultural Forum and the district administration of Montgomery County, a Viennese delegation of housing experts attended a 2-day conference entitled "The Vienna Model: Social Housing for the 21st Century" at the Kibel Gallery on the University of Maryland campus in Washington.

The conference was accompanied by the exhibition "GEMEINDE baut. Wiener Wohnbau von 1920 bis 2020 (Residential Construction in Vienna from 1920 to 2020)".

A comparison between Vienna and Washington D.C.

Wiener Wohnen manages 1,800 city-owned residential buildings with 220,000 flats, which allows more than half of all Viennese to benefit from social housing in the federal capital.

In Washington D.C., the capital of the United States, the situation is different: The entire District of Columbia owns about 8,000 flats in 56 buildings, which are home to about 20,000 people. Waiting times for social housing are long: in some areas housing is allocated by lottery, while in other areas waiting lists are crowded and new applications are not being taken.

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