Vienna's housing model is globally sought after

In 2019 and 2020, Vienna celebrates the 10th anniversary of municipal housing. Vienna's social housing model is unique and is one of the most successful political housing projects in the world.

Some exhibition posters in a room

What is part of everyday life in Vienna, sparks a strong interest in other cities in the world. With its international exhibitions, Wiener Wohnen makes an important contribution to in-depth cultural exchange.

Exhibition on Viennese municipal housing in Cracow

Following an invitation by the Austrian Consulate General in Cracow and the National Museum of Cracow, Wiener Wohnen will present its exhibition "GEMEINDE baut. Wiener Wohnbau von 1920 bis 2020" ("The Municipality is Building. Residential Construction in Vienna 1920 - 2020") for the National Museum of Cracow in the former Cracovia Hotel.

The travelling multimedia exhibition sheds light on the history of Viennese municipal housing and its importance for the citizens and society of Vienna - from the beginnings of "Red Vienna" in the 1920s until present and future. The supply of affordable and modern apartments for Viennese citizens remains a key mission for the communal housing policy of Vienna until today.

The exhibition illustrates the development of Viennese municipal housing policy in the area of tension between social change and technological developments in construction, urban planning and architecture. The exhibition's primary focus lies on the citizens and their different needs regarding housing over the course of time. Formerly, the exhibition was on display in Architekturzentrum Wien, Galerie Aedes in Berlin, Salotto Vienna in Trieste, the European Parliament in Brussels, Zentrum für Baukultur Sachsen in Dresden as well as the 50th Annual Congress of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association.

The exhibition's opening ceremony was held in attendance of an expert audience and hosted speeches by the director of the National Museum of Cracow, Professor Andrzej Szczerski, and the Austrian Consul General Philipp Charwath.

Visiting Melbourne

Last held in 2019, the Australian National Housing Conference will be back in March 2022. Vienna was invited to present both, its model for affordable living as a best practice example in an online conference as well as its exhibition "The Vienna Model 2" in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The exhibition "The Vienna Model 2" focuses on 60 characteristic projects of the past 100 years. Furthermore, it highlights how art in public spaces has helped complement municipal housing since the First Austrian Republic. The exhibition was curated by Wolfgang Förster and William Menking.

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