Discovery tours of Vienna for UN and embassy staff

Vienna is not merely the host city of the only UN duty station within the European Union, but also home to 130 diplomatic representations and other international organisations.

A group of poeple in front of a statue

Staff of the embassy of Ukraine during a discovery tour of Vienna

This is why the Vienna City Administration's Executive Group for European and International Affairs has teamed up with Wien Museum and the Vienna Economic Chamber's Tourism and Leisure Industry section to design special discovery tours of Vienna. The broad range of offers includes guided walking tours of the city centre or a visit to the villa of famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt or a trip through the embassy quarter around Belvedere Palace.

The aim of this initiative is not only to make Viennese culture more tangible and accessible, but above all to nurture existing working relationships, demonstrating that "international relations" thrive also in difficult times, with face-to-face contacts being maintained against all odds.

In addition to outings for UN staff members, the programme already featured a guided walk for British embassy and international organisation staff, while a special tour for the 17 embassies of the countries of the Arab League is scheduled for autumn 2021.

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