3 years of "Smarter Together" in Simmering

Under the "Smarter Together" urban renewal project in Simmering 80 million Euro will be invested in the upgrading of the area around Enkplatz and Geiselberg.

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The urban renewal initiative in the north-west of Simmering was launched in 2016 and will run until the beginning of 2021. EU funding for the project amounts to 7 million Euro.

The efforts to upgrade the selected neighbourhood combine innovative technical solutions in the fields of energy, mobility and refurbishment.

Track record of the first 3 years

  • Many innovative ideas and solutions have been implemented and contribute to climate protection and enhancing the quality of living in Simmering:
    • 3 residential estates have undergone "smart" refurbishment, which will save 6 million kilowatt hours of energy per year.
    • The "WienMobil Station" at Simmeringer Platz offers a range of mobility services: e-bike sharing, car sharing, bicycle boxes, a charging station and an e-cargo bike.
    • The share of e-mobility in intra-factory transport at the Siemens plant located in the project area has been increased and will result in savings of 20,000 litres of Diesel per year.
    • In autumn 2019, 4 zero-energy gyms will be put into service at two schools in the district.
  • Thousands of residents have participated in numerous differently sized events or have been able to engage in specific project activities.
  • 900 jobs were retained or created by the project.

Taking up 44 pages, the current project report illustrates the achievements of the first 3 project years.

Download project report (German)

Highlights 2019

Visualisation of a school building

In autumn 2019, 4 "zero-energy gyms" will be opened in the two secondary schools located at Enkplatz. The smart nature of the zero-energy design is based on its special HVAC system featuring a photovoltaic unit, heat pumps and a solar thermal energy unit. Surplus energy is fed back into the grid.

The sports grounds will cover 3,500 square metres and offer plenty of space for the about 1,000 pupils attending the schools.

Project area and cost

Hochhausblick über einen Teil Simmerings

The City of Vienna has chosen an area in the north-west of the municipal district of Simmering for this ambitious and trailblazing EU project. It is located between two urban development areas - the Sonnwendviertel area in the north-west and the Gasometer-Vorfeld area in the north-east - and comprises the neighbourhood around Enkplatz and Geiselberg.

A total of 80 million Euro will be invested in the upgrading of the neighbourhood, including 7 million Euro from EU funding.

Smarter Together - project website and blog (German)

Smart refurbishment at the heart of the project

A central element of the solutions developed by the project team is the smart refurbishment of 3 housing estates: the measures to refurbish a residential block owned by the social housing association BWSG located in Hauffgasse and two city-owned housing estates in Lorystrasse and Herbortgasse will include, among other things, energy-efficient solutions, the use of photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, energy-saving lighting systems and e-bikes plus charging stations.

The refurbished area covers a total of 75,000 square metres. As a result, 6 million kilowatt hours of energy can be saved every year, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of about 700 households. 6 million kilowatt hours would also be enough to drive a car 1,500 times around the world.

International exchange

The international partners have drawn many inspirations from Vienna’s ideas and solutions. In turn, some of the innovative solutions implemented in Vienna have been the result of an exchange process at European level, following the motto "Smarter together in Europe".

What makes Smarter Together a really trendsetting initiative is its ability to connect people, involve the business sector, emphasise partnership and cooperation among all participants and promote Vienna’s locational appeal at international level.

Role-model for other cities

The idea of Vienna’s SIMmobil has inspired Venice to implement a similar measure. The SIMmobil - a mobile information centre and communication platform - travels across the district, organises information events and invites the residents to participate in making their district fit for the future. In Venice an old bus has been painted in many colours and is now used for this purpose.

Sofia has been interested in integrated mobility solutions, and Santiago de Compostela in energy solutions and tenant participation measures.

Video on the project details (German)

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