55-year anniversary of OPEC Vienna

OPEC is one of 40 international organisations that have their seat in Vienna.

Monument with a hand holding an oil tower

Monument "Mano Mineral" by Venezuelan sculptor Paul del Rio

The "Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries" (OPEC) moved from Geneva to Vienna in 1965, 5 years after its foundation. After the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which moved to Vienna in 1957, OPEC was the second international organisation to have their headquarters here.

Their offices have been in Helferstorferstraße since 2010, in close proximity to the House of the European Union. Around 140 people from dozens of different nations work at OPEC, thus enriching life in the city.

In 2003, Venezuela, an OPEC member state, gifted Vienna with the monument "Mano Mineral" by Venezuelan sculptor Paul del Rio. The monument is located at Obere Donaustraße and is considered a symbol of international understanding.

Hostage-taking in 1975

In Vienna, OPEC also experienced one of the darkest hours of its history. In December 1975, terrorists stormed a meeting of the committee of ministers. 3 people were killed in the attack. Thanks to the mediation of then chancellor Bruno Kreisky, the terrorists and 33 hostages, among them oil ministers, were flown to Algiers. Several days later, all hostages were set free.

OPEC at a glance

OPEC was founded 60 years ago in Bagdad. 2020 was its 60-year anniversary.

Today, its member states are Algeria, Angola, the Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, IR Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela. The organisation accounts for one of the world’s largest oil reserves.

Cooperation with other countries

In 2016, the OPEC member states and 10 other non-member states signed the "Declaration of Cooperation". The group has since been working on countering the imbalance on the oil market.

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