20 years of city-to-city cooperation between Krakow and Vienna

The ongoing cooperation between Vienna and Krakow was deepened by the signing of 2 city-to-city agreements in 2020. Cooperation between the two cities has a long tradition: Vienna and Krakow have maintained a lively exchange with each other for more than 150 years.

Logo of the Vienna Days 2017 in Krakow

Vienna and Krakow signed their first cooperation agreement 20 years ago. In the anniversary year 2020, two further agreements were concluded: one between Krakowski Holding Komunalny and Wien Holding and one between Krakowski Holding Komunalny and Wiener Stadtwerke (Vienna Public Utilities).

It is the first cooperation between Wien Holding and a municipal service provider of another city. The focus of the cooperation activities will be on the further development of the 5G network in Krakow and on future joint EU projects. In addition, Krakow is currently building an IT platform which has been inspired by Vienna’s city TV channel "W24".

Vienna’s Mayor Michael Ludwig states, "I am pleased that our cooperation now also addresses the challenges of providing modern services of general interest. Particularly in the field of public transport, Krakow has benefited greatly from Vienna, just as Vienna repeatedly takes on new ideas from Krakow."

Long tradition of cooperation

Krakow and Vienna have engaged in a lively exchange of staff, ideas and infrastructure since the middle of the 19th century.

20 years ago, the two cities signed an official agreement on their cooperation. In 2000, the City of Vienna opened a liaison office in Krakow.

In the past 20 years, the two cities have intensified their cooperation. Among other things, Krakow has purchased 30 Viennese tram wagons and has modelled its waste management system on that of Vienna. Apart from a regular exchange of experience and the implementation of different projects, cooperation activities also include special highlights such as "Vienna Days" or "Krakow Days", and dialogue forums and workshops on a variety of topics.

Joint topics

Cooperation between Krakow and Vienna encompasses the following 11 topics:

  • Public transport
  • Services of general interest
  • Architecture
  • Urban renewal
  • Environmental protection
  • Health and social affairs
  • Education and science
  • Innovation
  • Culture
  • Sports and youth affairs
  • Municipal housing
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