International organisations in Vienna - favourable economic effects

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Nearly all international organisations operating in Austria are based in Vienna and have favourable effects on Austria's economy. These effects have been investigated by the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) on behalf of Austria's Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The annual value-added effect of the organisations examined and their activities amounts to a total of 1.35 million euros. This is an increase by 3 per cent compared to the previous study in 2018. In addition, the organisations helped secure about 15,440 jobs.

In 2019, international organisations have organised nearly 10,600 conference days with almost 184,000 participants.

There is a variety of international schools available for the 3,215 school-age children of the foreign staff working at international organisations or diplomatic representations in Vienna.

Vienna as the headquarters of international organisations

In 2019, 51 international and quasi-international organisations had their seat in Austria. Most of them are located in Vienna, such as the World Bank Group, the OSCE or OPEC. Vienna is also one of the 4 headquarters of the United Nations.

Moreover, Vienna hosts 120 bilateral foreign representations and 189 multilateral representations.

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