Vienna maintains international contacts and exchange during the pandemic

Even in these difficult times, international contacts continue, and exchanging expertise or best practice examples remains vital. Vienna is frequently invited to participate in video conferences.

Marketá Vanková

Brno Mayor Marketá Vanková at the video conference

Mayor Michael Ludwig has exchanged views with colleagues and recently participated in a large roundtable dialogue with EU Regional Commissioner Elisa Ferreira. The event focused on EU funding instruments, the EU Recovery Plan and the structural funds.

Since Austria joined the EU in 1995, 250 projects have been financed with over EUR 1.2 billion from the EU structural funds. While Vienna stands to benefit from funding granted to Austria under the EU Recovery Plan, it also has an interest in funding for neighbouring countries as this will support the entire region's economic recovery.

Expert video conference

Via video conference, Vienna discussed topics like preventive care, contact tracing and city services with decision-makers from Tehran, Seoul and Delhi. Tehran, as the host, presented an app that is similar to Vienna's citizen service portal

Vienna addressed the health care system of the Austrian federal government in combination with that of the City of Vienna, including an analysis of what is already in place and what has been established on short notice, as well as an overview of dependencies that have been identified and lessons learned.

Exchanging experience on the Covid-19 vaccination

The City of Brno, Vienna's oldest continuous partner city, hosted an exchange of experience on the Covid-19 vaccination, chaired by Mayor Markéta Vanková. The City of Vienna's vaccination management team had a chance to discuss with vaccination coordinators from Bratislava, Leeds, Leipzig, Poznan, Stuttgart and Rennes.

Their exchange focused on challenges, strategies and potential solutions in European cities. Compared to the other cities, Vienna was found to excel in several areas like cooperation between different organisational units, its digital pre-registration and registration system, as well as transparency in reporting via dashboards. The partner cities were particularly interested in the organisation of Vienna's public vaccination centres, which are regarded as a best practice example by international standards.

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