Humanitarian aid from Vienna for refugee camp in Bosnia

The City of Vienna has sent 3 tons of goods to Bosnia and Herzegovina to support local authorities in supplying people in refugee camps with the essentials.

Verladung von Kisten in einen LKW mit einem Gabelstapler

The City of Vienna's European Affairs Department organised the supply of essential goods in cooperation with the Bihac city administration. Overall, the humanitarian aid packages included 1,200 duvet covers, 800 pillowcases, 400 bed sheets, 400 towels, 300 mattress protectors as well as 10 pallets with 1,390 kilograms of clothes, blankets, cots, and nappies.

Mayor Michael Ludwig and Kemal Kozaric, the ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Austria, sent the essential goods on their journey to Bihac. There, the charity organisation "SOS Bihac" will distribute them in the refugee camp.

Mayor Michael Ludwig said that it would be self-evident for him as Mayor of Vienna to help where help was needed: "There is severe hardship in Bihac and the local authorities are overwhelmed by the large number of refugees. Therefore, we are sending them some of the items they need most such as blankets, bedding and coats. We must show solidarity in Europe!"

Precarious situation in refugee camps

In and around Bihac, in the north-west of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thousands of people currently live in refugee camps. Local authorities have a hard time supplying them with essential goods.

The refugees, among them many children, are forced to spend the cold winter months in military tents.

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