Transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project SHARE

The theme of the event, which took place in Vienna in December 2021, was "Surpass the Handicap Allied with Rights of Employment".

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In the period from 13th to 15th December, a second transnational meeting of Erasmus+ project SHARE was held in Vienna. Organisations from 4 participating countries (Austria, Spain, United Kingdom and Turkey) attended the 2-day event with presentations and workshops delivered by Viennese social enterprise Wien Work GmbH, Austrian job coaching network NEBA, and AIESEC, an international youth-run NGO, among others.

Guideline developed as an aid

The goal of this project and meetings that followed was to share good practices in employment of young people with and without disabilities.

Partners conducted analysis, described in a subsequent guide that aims to help different institutions on the European level, in employment and education of young people with disabilities.

Moreover, partnering organisations also intend to support the educators and youth workers, leaders and support staff in improving educational and employment possibilities of young people while promoting the quality, innovation and acknowledgement of youth work.

The objectives of this project are:

  • To allow young people to improve their skills at work through job preparation techniques and methodologies adapted to the diversity of needs
  • To offer the entities that work with young people with disabilities the opportunity to broaden their point of view
  • To empower the entities that work with young people with and/or without disabilities interested in improving their abilities

Vienna as the city without barriers

Among the 4 countries participating on this project, Austria (Vienna, in particular) has the best track record in tackling the problems of people with disabilities. This starts with rehabilitation, through social security, until providing barrier free environment for all.

The issue of employment is covered by laws and regulations, yet, even more remains to be done, explicitly through some explicit examples, and this is precisely what has been encouraged through this project.

The City of Vienna remains the leader on the national and international level when it comes to employing people with disabilities, and, precisely because of its active role in encouraging dialogue on these sensitive topics, it remains great supporter not only of these particular projects, but of other activities promoting equality and fair chances for everybody.

Project from Austrian NGO

The project was initiated by "MOVEO - Verein für soziale Nachhaltigkeit und Inklusion von Menschen mit Behinderung" together with partners from Spain, United Kingdom and Turkey. MOVEO is an Austrian NGO established in 2017 in Vienna with the goal of promoting equal rights and opportunities for everybody through "smart living", sustainable projects conducted on national and European level, and social responsibility.

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