Vienna helps to fund vocational training for young people in Ethiopia

With co-funding from the City of Vienna, the Viennese non-governmental organisation HORIZONT3000 is realising a 2-year project to improve vocational training for young people in the Ethiopian city of Arba Minch.

Training for 35 apprentices

The aim of the project is to provide vocational training to 35 apprentices in the fields of automotive engineering, water installations and metal working.

Within a period of 2 years, the young people who are selected from socially disadvantaged families will be given theoretical and practical training in their chosen field.

Young woman working on a car part.

During the day, the apprentices will receive thorough training in the construction of wells and latrines and the repair and maintenance of cars in the training workshops of the local project partners. In the evening, they will attend a technical college to learn the basic theory needed for their jobs.

The necessary tuition fees are paid by the project. In addition, the young people are trained in business management to enable them to start a small business after having completed their certified training. Computer and English courses are also part of the training provided to 25 male and 10 female apprentices.

High rate of youth unemployment

Although it has experienced substantial economic expansion in the past few years, Ethiopia still meets all criteria for being classified as a "least developed country". 85 per cent of its approximately 105 million inhabitants work in agriculture. The, on average, very young population of Ethiopia - 45 per cent are younger than 15 years - has poor training and career prospects. National statistics reveal a youth unemployment rate of 35 per cent.

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