Conference of Austria Libraries

From 5 to 11 September 2021, the 14th Vienna Seminar for employees of the Austria Libraries will take place in Vienna, titled "Zukunft schreiben - Digitalisierung und Ökologisierung".

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These seminars for employees of the Austria Libraries are a biannual event taking place in Vienna. Their aim is the advancement of libraries towards becoming cultural and information centres, as well as a networking opportunity for Austrian partner institutions. The seminars are titled "Zukunft schreiben - Digitalisierung und Ökologisierung" ("Writing the future - Digitisation and Greening").

This year's events will be held in-person again, at different locations throughout the city, such as in the Austrian Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs, the Municipal Department 21 for District Planning and Land Use, and in the State Hall of the Austrian National Library.

The organisers are excited to welcome 13 participants from Poland, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Croatia, Slovenia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina to Vienna. Similar to the conference from 28 June to 1 July 2021, there will be a number of events shedding light on various topics such as Smart City Vienna, digitisation in literature, and Austrian foreign culture. After the kick-off with Sandra Diepenseifen, head of the department of Austria Libraries, the event will start with a keynote speech by ambassador Teresa Injein.

Cooperation with the City of Vienna

Tours of different institutions of the City of Vienna have become the focal point of the seminar. Other highlights of the September conference will be a meeting with the librarians of the "Library of Things" project by the Schwendermarkt library, a tour of the Central Institution for Meteorology and Geodynamics as well as of the Rautenweg landfill.

Yet another highlight will be the lecture held by a representative of Municipal Department 48 on the City of Vienna as an international pioneer when it comes to the collection, treatment, and disposal of municipal waste. This has also been the focus of the 13th Vienna Seminar.

The City of Vienna provides numerous book donations and is an important partner to Austria Libraries Abroad - it has furnished and equipped Austria Libraries in Yerevan, Tetovo, and Drohobych.

Austria Libraries Abroad

For over 30 years, 65 Austria Libraries in 28 countries have been an essential cultural pillar to Austria. Together, they form an international network.

The cooperation within Austria and with the City of Vienna are an important part of this cultural and scientific network. Main supervision of the libraries comes from the Cultural Section of the Austrian Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs. They receive support from the Austrian embassies and cultural forums on site.

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