European elections on 26 May 2019

Flags of the European Union

Austrian citizens and citizens of other EU member states (non-Austrian EU citizens), who are registered on the European electoral roll in Vienna, are entitled to vote in the elections to the European Parliament. To cast your vote you also need to have your primary residence in Vienna on the qualifying date (12 March 2019), and have reached the age of 16 on or before election day.

Austrian citizens are automatically recorded in the electoral register and do not need to register individually.

All non-Austrians EU citizens, who want to cast their vote for the Austrian members of the European Parliament, had to be registered on the European electoral roll by 12 March 2019.

Taking part in the elections is possible in the relevant polling station or with a voting card in every polling station in Austria or by post in Austria or from abroad.

You can apply for a voting card in person, in writing or online (German).

On 26 May 2019 all polling stations in Vienna are open from 7am to 5pm.

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