Stadt Wien live app: the city in your pocket

The Stadt Wien live app is the latest supplement to the City of Vienna’s mobile service range. Its highlights include an online city map, the online search for Wi-Fi hotspots, direct access to real-time information, and a QR code reader with extra safety features.

smartphone displaying the Stadt Wien live app

More and more people access digital content via mobile devices. The City of Vienna’s web service was optimised for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones some time ago already; now a Stadt Wien live app for Android and iOS devices has been added to the range of mobile services, providing permanent direct access to relevant digital services.

You can download the app via Google Play Store for Android devices, or via App Store for iOS. For the time being, the Stadt Wien live app is available in German only, but an English version is in the pipeline.


City map

The digital city map offers a variety of information on local facilities, from public bathing spots or restricted parking zones to public toilets in Vienna. It displays your current location, lets you search for any address in the city, and includes a route planner to guide you there as fast as possible. Once you have downloaded the primary map data, the map and navigation feature can also be used offline.

Wi-Fi hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots available in your vicinity are shown on the map and can be accessed directly from the app. Wireless LAN hotspots using public WLAN are displayed along with freewave hotspots. For Internet access, just accept the terms of use (General Terms and Conditions). Of course, you can also search for the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot offline once you have downloaded the offline city map and activated the GPS function of your mobile device.

QR-Code Scanner

The app is designed to not only read but and also check QR codes. Simply hold your mobile device’s camera over the code to have the Stadt Wien live app scan it and display its content. You are informed whether the QR content is provided by the City of Vienna; this feature adds extra security when displaying invoices payable to the City of Vienna, for example. The app makes it easy and straightforward to scan QR codes on posters, info screens, and in other publications.

Real-time news

The app’s real-time news ticker operates an automatic push service to supply you with information on the subjects you have subscribed to. For example, users can subscribe to get real-time information on service disruptions on any public transport lines of their choosing. You can enter search terms to find upcoming events in Vienna – so you will never again miss that long-awaited concert. If you want to be on the safe side, you can subscribe to the civil defence channel. It provides you with up-to-date information and instructions on how to proceed in case of an emergency in Vienna. It also includes information about emergency alarms and test alarms. You can also subscribe to the severe weather warning service and receive information about app updates. In addition, you can share the real-time news on social media. Further push services are to be added in the future.


The Stadt Wien live app also includes a directory of all important hotlines and service numbers, just as well as the mobile version of and information on new apps available in Vienna.

Street name dictionary

The origin of all street names in Vienna can be found in the street name dictionary (Lexikon der Straßennamen). Every entry provides information about the origin of the street name, the district where it is located, and when the street was named. Type the street name you are interested in into the search box or use the feature “Straßen in der Nähe” (streets nearby).

Better together

Of course the Stadt Wien live app is undergoing continuous development. Feedback and ideas for improvement are always very welcome, ideally via the app's feedback function.

Public data from the City

The app uses open government data interfaces, including GIS data, the events database and the real-time info interface of Wiener Linien, Vienna’s public transport operator.

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