Open Data in Vienna

The City of Vienna has committed itself to the concept of Open Data - an open and transparent system that makes city data available to citizens for their further use.

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The city administration has thus decided to open its data records to the population, businesses and the scientific community. Relevant data range from statistics and geographic data or traffic and transport to economic figures. Personal data are strictly excluded from the Open Data concept. The main prerequisite for data to be included is their machine readability in open formats.

Open and freely accessible data allow for a broad and democratic exchange of knowledge, thus facilitating the dialogue between local citizens and the administrative authority. Open data improve participation and communication, and are therefore conducive to innovation and development.

The present data catalogue comprises over 230 machine readable data records, and is being expanded continuously. In addition to statistics (such as population statistics) and geographic reference data (e.g. on collection points for recyclables, kindergartens, short-term parking zones and hospitals), the first edition of the catalogue already includes selected budget data on the city's annual accounts and financial management. The "rules" to be followed by users are very simple. The data is published under a Creative Commons Licence (CC by). It can be used without any further restrictions, provided that the source is stated clearly.

At the moment the data portal is available only in German, but the possibility of an English version is under consideration.

Open discussion

The Open Data page allows comments so that citizens may communicate with experts from the city administration and ask questions. In addition to comments, the Open Government Competence Centre can be reached via e-mail.

Open Data - a key pillar of the Vienna Open Government Strategy

In opening its data records to the public, the City of Vienna is taking yet another important step towards implementing its Open Government Strategy. The term "Open Government" refers to the city's decision to create administrative structures based on more transparency and participation, enabling closer cooperation with the local population, local businesses and the scientific community. Due to the new structures, the city administration makes increased use of internet technology. A summary of the city's Open Government activities and the first edition of the Open Data catalogue are available online, to be accessed via an all-new web portal.

Currently the City of Vienna offers a comprehensive range of e-government options, with about 600 official e-government web pages and a variety of administrative services available online. For example, more than 200 different applications to the city administration can be completed and submitted electronically. There is also a free online city map of Vienna with more than 120 layers (i.e. levels showing specific geographic information, such as the location of pharmacies, kindergartens or one-way streets.) New e-services are being added continuously.

Open Government Data Austria

In the past, great efforts have been devoted to making available free data in the context of open government. Cooperation Open Government Data (OGD) Austria - a joint project of the Austrian federal government, the federal provinces and municipalities - provides a platform for open data of the administration: The information accessible through is practically infinite, ranging from weather reports to detailed statistical data from all ministries and levels of the administration.

Non-governmental data

A platform of the Open Data Portal Austria was launched as the central online portal for all non-governmental data in July. Businesses, academia, the cultural sector, NGOs and the civil society may take advantage of this opportunity to make available non-personal data.

The portal has already been fed with various datasets, e.g. by the IT enterprises HP and IBM, the Federal Economic Chamber Austria, the Austrian Academy of Sciences as well as the Austrian Lotteries.

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