Vienna Charter: presentation of topics

View of Vienna and the Danube river, two couples in the front

The first phase of the Vienna Charter process has been completed. The topics the Viennese want to discuss in the context of various aspects of living together have been collected in a period of two weeks. The Vienna Charter Advisory Board has examined all contributions and grouped them into three key subject areas.

Key subject areas

Based on the input provided by the Viennese population, the Vienna Charter Advisory Board identified three aspects which will be addressed:

  • behaviour = "getting along with each another"
  • attitude = "not always the same"
  • space = "feeling good in a tidy environment"

The three key subject areas are as follows:

"Getting along with each other": 717 postings Behaviour in road traffic and public transport (294 postings) Manners in everyday life - respectfulness of others in social life (423 postings)

"Not always the same": 761 postings Young and old (162 postings) Speaking German - speaking other languages (95 postings) I and the others who are different from me (504 postings)

"Feeling good in a tidy environment": 624 postings Cleanliness in the city (174 postings) Public space - a living environment for all of us (450 postings)

Vienna Charter talks may be held everywhere in Vienna until 14 October 2012, and each Viennese may organise his or her own discussion group. The about 260 Vienna Charter partners play an important role, convening discussion forums for their employees, customers or members. The organisers of the discussions decide whether the talks will focus on one subject area or cover all three topics. The City of Vienna makes available two trained moderators for each discussion group. They will facilitate the meeting and make sure that the recommendations of the Vienna Charter Advisory Board are implemented to the extent possible. Those wishing to host a Vienna Charter meeting may register online or by calling the Vienna Charter Hotline 01 4000 81561 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm).

The record of results of each discussion round are available to the public on the Internet. The second process stage will be followed by an online discussion phase starting in mid-October 2012. The basic principles of the Vienna Charter will be summed up and defined by the end of the year.

The Advisory Board acts as a mediator

The guiding principles of the Vienna Charter process are transparency, openness and credibility. To ensure that they are put into practice, an independent Vienna Charter Advisory Board has been set up. It guarantees compliance with the basic rules which have been communicated very clearly from the beginning of the Charter process.

Exciting phase

Vienna Charter project manager Ursula Struppe of Municipal Department 17 - Integration and Diversity (MA 17) hopes that the Vienna Charter process will help the members of different groups such as old and young to find common ground.


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