Homeless people as tour guides present a different side of Vienna

group of people at the Shades Tours

If you join one of the SHADES TOURS you will experience a different side of Vienna. The tours are held by homeless persons who give you an authentic, professional and personal insight into an otherwise unknown world. The SHADES TOURS guides will provide you with a mix of facts and personal stories that illustrate the complexity of being homeless in a large city like Vienna.

The homeless persons are paid for their work as tour guides and get motivation and a boost in self-confidence.

Tours are held in German and English. They last for about 2 to 2.5 hours and are EUR 15 each. Pre-registration for the tours is required.



SHADES TOURS cooperates with social institutions such as the Vienna School Board and the Vienna Social Welfare Fund (FSW). In 2016, the young enterprise received an award from the EcoBusinessPlan Vienna.

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