Preventing accidents with gas heaters

Gas heaters need to be maintained and checked on a regular basis in order to guarantee their safety and energy efficiency.

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Modern gas heating systems have become ever more comfortable and a lot safer over the past years. Nevertheless, it is essential to follow the installation and operation instructions closely in order to avoid problems or even hazards to people living in the house. The safety requirements range from professional installation and regular technical checks to adequate ventilation in the room where the heating is installed.

Gas heating systems need annual maintenance

During every heating season, an average heater is in operation for at least 1,400 hours. By comparison, a car going at an average speed of 50 km/h would cover a distance of about 70,000 kilometres within this time. It is clear to every motorist that the car needs routine checks every now and then. Unfortunately, people still tend to be more careless when it comes to gas heating systems.

Accidents due to lack of maintenance

Most accidents involving gas heating systems happen because the requirements for technical checks and maintenance are not fulfilled or because the heater has been operated contrary to its purpose. Some heaters are even manipulated. All accidents could have been prevented by making sure the heating system is checked and maintained regularly. This is why the Wiener Feuerpolizei-, Luftreinhalte- und Klimaanlagengesetz (Vienna Act on Fire Prevention, Air Pollution Abatement and Air Conditioning Systems) stipulates that all gas heaters must be cleaned thoroughly once a year.

A heating system that is maintained regularly is both safer and more energy-efficient. I requires less heating material and thus helps save resources, reducing your ecological footprint. The professional association of fitters and plumbers in Vienna (Wiener Installateur-Innung) has repeated its warning of low-price heater maintenance services that often advertised on colourful flyers mailed to unsuspecting households.

A gas heater that is maintained regularly by a professional contractor is safe and will reliably keep your home warm during the cold season. At the same time, it helps you save energy and money while at the same time making your household more environmentally friendly. It enables you to cut down on both heating costs and energy consumption.

If there is a problem with your gas heater, simply dial Vienna number 128 to reach the Wien Energie Gas Network Emergency Hotline.

Saving energy - but not in the wrong place

Quite evidently, saving energy is important. At the same time, indoor heating systems require adequate ventilation in order to burn gas and produce heat. Saving energy in the wrong place - e.g. by inadequate or insufficient ventilation - prevents fresh air from entering the room where the heater is operated. In this case, carbon dioxide may accumulate in your home and reach dangerous levels. At the same time, malfunctioning waste air ventilation systems may reduce the indoor air pressure, reversing the flow of exhaust fumes through your flue and causing flue gas to spill back into your home.

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