Student Accommodation

Once you have been admitted to university you will want to sort out accommodation. You may opt for a hall of residence, a rental apartment or an apartment which you share with others, depending on your needs and taste.

Student residence halls

There are a number of dormitories available for students in Vienna. Some dormitories you can stay in all year round, with others you have to clear the rooms during the summer.

Shared apartments

Many students find shared apartments a welcome alternative to a hall of residence. You are never alone, but unlike with a hall of residence you have many opportunities to withdraw and spend time to yourself.

There are several ways of making sure tenancy agreements for shared apartments are legally sound:

  • One person signs the tenancy agreement and becomes chief tenant. The other persons living in the apartments are subtenants only. Problems may arise when the chief tenant moves out and the subtenants cannot take over the agreement.
  • All persons living in the apartment sign the tenancy agreement and therefore have equal legal protection. The tenancy agreement does not change by any one of them moving out. Subsequent new occupants must be granted the same tenancy rights.
  • Separate tenancy agreements are signed between the landlord and each person living in the apartment for the room they are occupying.

Rental apartments

It is recommended that you find out about the rights and duties pertaining to tenancy agreements before you rent an apartment. Tenancy agreements may be limited or unlimited in time. In most case you are asked to pay three months’ rent in advance as a security deposit. For an additional fee you can avail yourself of an agent’s services to find a suitable apartment. Generally an agent will charge a commission of two months’ net rent. Some agents offer student reductions.

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