Food Inspection and Market Authority - Municipal Department 59

Food Inspection Authority

Roughly 18,000 Viennese businesses have to follow the Food Law provisions. The staff of the Municipal Department 59 - Food Inspection and Market Authority inspect the businesses and take approximately 11,000 samples per year for bacteriological and chemical tests.

Inspected businesses range from

  • strawberry stands to supermarkets and whole sale traders,
  • from hot dog stands to restaurants and hospital kitchens,
  • from smallest manufacturers to industrial companies.

During unannounced inspections the following standards are monitored in order to protect consumers and serious entrepreneurs:

  • shape and conditions of the business building, focussing on hygiene, including pest monitoring
  • delivery, storage and processing of food
  • visual inspection of food, including correct labelling
  • hygiene and competence of staff
  • self-control measures (including HACCP)

Particular attention is paid to organic food and drinking water in businesses. But the inspectors also check cosmetics and toys.

To ensure the quality of the controls, there are regular trainings for the inspectors. As the inspections follow EU wide rules, specialised EU agencies regularly monitor inspection standards. The Food Inspection Authority of the Vienna Market Authority is a member of the European Working Community for Food Inspection and Consumer Protection (EWFC).

Food Inspection and Market Authority - Municipal Department 59

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