Stakeholders in the LIFE+ Alte Donau project


Alongside Municipal Department 45 - Water Management (MA 45), other municipal departments of the City of Vienna, the municipal district councils of Floridsdorf and Donaustadt, companies and local businesses are directly or indirectly concerned with the use and upkeep of the Alte Donau and its urban environment.

  • Donauhochwasserschutz-Konkurrenz (DHK) (Danube Flood Protection Association)
  • Via donau - Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH (government agency for the preservation and development of the Danube waterway)
  • Municipal Department 22 - Environmental Protection (MA 22)
  • Municipal Department 29 - Bridge Construction and Foundation Engineering (MA 29)
  • Municipal Department 42 - Parks and Gardens (MA 42)
  • Municipal Department 44 - Municipal Swimming Pools (MA 44)
  • Municipal Department 48 - Waste Management, Street Cleaning and Vehicle Fleet (MA 48)
  • Vienna Waste Water Management

Project target groups - local

  • Visitors to the Alte Donau
  • Residents of and visitors to the neighbouring urban districts
  • Various users and groups of users of the Alte Donau, for example:
    • public and private lidos
    • sports clubs (rowing clubs, sailing clubs, other types of water sports)
    • restaurants, cafés and bars
    • hotels on the Alte Donau
    • other leisure facilities
    • Austrian Fishing Association

Project target groups - international

  • Administrations and political representatives of other European cities with urban lake landscapes
  • Universities, universities of applied studies, interdisciplinary research institutions, national and international professional associations
  • Other EU projects whose objectives are related to those of this project

Other interest groups

  • Schools and other educational institutions in the area around the Alte Donau
  • Nature conservation organisations and other NGOs
  • Statutory interest groups such as e.g. Economic Chamber, Chamber of Labour, Chamber of Agriculture
Logo of the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union: The word "Life" in yellow, surrounded by yellow stars

The LIFE+ Alte Donau project was funded under the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union as part of the "Environment Policy and Governance" strand.

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