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The implemented measures within the framework of the LIFE+ Alte Donau project are based on the rich fund of experience gathered by Municipal Department 45 - Water Management (MA 45) and the latest findings from the field of water resource management for bodies of standing water.

Various different sets of measures have been developed and combined within the programming period 2013 to March 2018 under the approach of "Integrated Water Resource Management".

The planned measures were aimed at safeguarding good water quality, restoring selected peripheral zones and stretches of shore, maintaining biodiversity and improving the coordinated management of the aquatic vegetation (macrophytes). In view of the Alte Donau's role as a local recreation area, the interaction of the various user groups was analysed and optimized.

The implemented measures pertain to

  • Maintaining and improving the good ecological status of the Alte Donau
  • Maintaining and ensuring excellent-quality bathing water
  • Maintaining and improving the socio-economic benefits for the Viennese population and local businesses (lidos, boat-hire businesses and sailing schools, sports facilities, restaurants, cafés and bars, et cetera)
  • Fostering communication with local residents, users and businesses

Ecological measures

  • Long-term safeguarding of the macrophyte population: underwater plants, so-called macrophytes, are essential to the good water quality of the Alte Donau. They act as a biological filter, binding nutrients and thus reducing turbidity
  • Enhancing biodiversity through planting and cultivation of low-growing macrophytes
  • Eco-friendly and efficient management of macrophytes (mowing, removal of mowed material), combined with maximum possible conservation of fish stocks through innovative use of new technologies
  • Share restoration including creation of protected areas for fish and other aquatic flora and fauna (e.g. amphibians, dragonflies, water and marsh plants)
  • Beaver management with a view to protecting both beavers and trees
  • Installation of a lakebed biological filter to maintain and improve water quality
  • Modernization of the technical installations for management of the water body

Measures implemented

overview: new LIFE+ measures

Overview map: 2 MB PDF (German)

A large number of measures have been implemented on and around the Alte Donau within the programming period. An informative map shows them all at a glance.

ArbeiterInnenstrand sunbathing lawn

Here, a lakeshore site formerly in private use was taken over by the City of Vienna and carefully revamped. In May 2015 the renamed ArbeiterInnenstrand was opened for public use by all visitors to the Alte Donau.

Re-naturalisation of the lakeshore

Much has also been done around the lakeshore: the long-term goal is to increase the proportion of near-natural stretches of lakeshore to around five and a half kilometres, or roughly a third of the perimeter of the Alte Donau. For example, the stretch of lakeshore between Drygalskiweg and Mühlschüttelgasse and another section at Broßmannplatz have been redesigned. In both locations a series of hydraulic engineering measures were carried out, and trees and reeds were planted on the lakeshore.

Re-naturalisation of lakeshore and creation of protected zones

Biological filter bed

The centrepiece of the LIFE+ project from the hydraulic engineering point of view is the innovative biological filter bed in the Water Park, via which water from the Neue Donau is fed into the Alte Donau. The new filter bed is a true prototype, designed to safeguard the outstanding water quality of the Alte Donau for the long term. The construction works started in March 2016, and the filter bed went into operation in August 2016.

The measures in detail

Brochures to order or download

The brochure The LIFE+ Alte Donau Project provides details of all measures implemented within the programming period (2013 to March 2018).

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The LIFE+ Alte Donau project was funded under the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union as part of the "Environment Policy and Governance" strand.

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