A nursery for young fish in the Alte Donau

As part of the LIFE project, several new ponds for amphibians and shallow-water zones for juvenile fish have been dug around the shoreline of the Alte Donau.

An excavator is digging a hole near the shoreline of the Alte Donau.

Over 20 fish species populate the waters of the Alte Donau. Besides well-known species such as zander, pike and wels catfish, the lake is also home to lesser-known fish including rudd, bleak and bream. Large numbers of animals also live in the area above the waterline, including some protected species: various types of amphibians, waterfowl and songbirds, dragonflies, and the heavily protected beaver.

Ideal conditions for animal offspring

Reed beds are important habitats for young fish, amphibians and dragonflies, as well as a breeding ground for large numbers of reed-dwelling birds. Over time, however, many of the stands of reeds in the Alte Donau had largely dried out and been lost as a habitat for aquatic wildlife.

To counteract this process, some patches of reeds were removed to create small pools and ponds for amphibians and young fish. These new water features can be found on the western shore of the Kaiserwasser arm, alongside Wagramer Straße and around the southernmost tip of the Alte Donau.

Logo of the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union: The word "Life" in yellow, surrounded by yellow stars

The LIFE+ Alte Donau project was funded under the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union as part of the "Environment Policy and Governance" strand.

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