ArbeiterInnenstrand sunbathing lawn

In May 2015, another lovely recreation area was added to the many around the Alte Donau. The ArbeiterInnenstrand sunbathing lawn provides open access to the lake for swimming.

People in bathing suites sitting and lying in the meadow next to the water

The new sunbathing lawn provides an attractive new grassy area on the upper section of the Alte Donau with public access for locals and visitors alike.

The City of Vienna took over the beautiful lakeshore premises occupied by the historic Arbeiterstrandbad lido (which had been in private hands and closed to the public for decades) and has carefully revamped the site. With an area of 23,000 square metres, this is the largest green space restored to public access by the City of Vienna for decades.

The sunbathing lawn is situated on the right bank of the upper section of the Alte Donau at Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 89, immediately adjacent to the Strandbad Alte Donau lido. Public transport to the site is via underground lines U1 and U6 and bus services 20A and 20B.

Natural landscaping

Meadow by the water, deckchairs

The area has been carefully regenerated as a near-natural sunbathing lawn, preserving as many of the old trees and lakeshore reed stands as possible. Introduced non-native tree species and a number of trees that constituted a hazard due to their age have been removed, while over 60 new trees of native species such as poplar, willow and lime have been planted.

Permanent public toilets, 30 wooden benches and ten wooden tables are available for use by visitors, and the rest has been left in its natural state: grass, shady trees, and a lakeshore fringed with stands of reeds interspersed with water access points make it a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying a dip.

History of the site

The Arbeiterstrandbad was closed down in the mid-1980s after some 70 years as a public outdoor lido. Until autumn 2014, the premises, consisting of a sunbathing lawn with changing facilities and bathing huts, were run by a private company for its own exclusive use.

The land is owned by the Danube Flood Protection Association (DHK), which leased out the site for many years. The private tenant handed the premises back to the DHK in 2014. As one of the three members of this body, the City of Vienna campaigned for a contractual arrangement that would allow it to manage the site as a public sunbathing lawn, there being only few recreational areas with free public access on the right bank of the upper section of the Alte Donau.

Following the signing of the contract between the DHK and the City of Vienna in November 2014, Municipal Department 45 - Water Management (MA 45) was able to start the low-impact regeneration of the site.

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The LIFE+ Alte Donau project was funded under the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union as part of the "Environment Policy and Governance" strand.

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