Vienna's wastewater treatment plants - from small beginnings to state of the art

"Auf der gelben Haide"

Black and white photograph of a wastewater treatment plant

Vienna’s first wastewater treatment plant was in operation from 1950 to 1970.

In 1949, Vienna's first wastewater treatment plant was built in the 23rd district, on the later site of the Philips Video Plant. It was in use from 1950 to 1970, treating water from the "Gelbe Haide", a small catchment area in the Inzersdorf part of the 23rd district.

Blumental wastewater treatment plant

Aerial view of the basins at the Blumental plant

The Blumental wastewater treatment plant was in use from 1970 to 2005.

The Blumental plant was constructed as a relief wastewater treatment plant in the area of the Liesingtal collector sewer in the 23rd district. It began its operation in 1970. Its catchment area was 3,200 ha. Sewage was channelled into the plant from the two main collectors along the Liesingbach brook (left and right Liesingtal collectors) and was purified with fully biological wastewater treatment. The purified water was discharged into the Liesingbach. Excess sludge was returned to the Liesingtal main collector, transported to the main wastewater treatment plant and disposed of there. As the Blumental wastewater treatment plant put a disproportionate strain on its receiving water Liesingbach due to the large water volume, wastewater treatment at Blumental was stopped in 2005. Since then, sewage is transported to the main wastewater treatment plant in Simmering via the new Liesingtal sewer.

Vienna Main Wastewater Treatment Plant Simmering

Aerial view of the main wastewater treatment plant

The expanded main wastewater treatment plant was inaugurated in 2005.

"May this plant contribute to a making our ecosystem cleaner by returning purified water to the cycle of nature," Vienna's Mayor Bruno Marek wrote in a sealed document on 4 June 1970 at the foundation stone ceremony for the new main wastewater treatment plant in Simmering.

This wish came true ten years later, when Mayor Dr. Leopold Gratz inaugurated the plant on 30 June 1980.

The location in Simmering was a good choice, as it is one of the topographically lowest points of the city and the natural gradient of the sewers allows the wastewater from all Viennese households to drain through the 2,400 kilometre long sewer system. There the solid matter is first eliminated mechanically and then the is water cleaned biologically. This is a milestone in the protection of waters and in environmental quality in Vienna.

Since then, the plant has been expanded to include a second biological treatment stage. The expanded main wastewater treatment plant was inaugurated by Mayor Dr. Michael Häupl and Executive City Councillor for Environmental AffairsUlli Sima on 18 June 2005. The core of Vienna’s water protection measures spreads over 40 ha - approx. 0.1 percent of the entire city area - and contributes to keeping the Danube clean.

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