2021 Sponsorship Award for the Advancement of Science, granted by the City of Vienna Environmental Protection Department (MA 22) and Special Award "Water"

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The Municipal Department for Environmental Protection (MA 22) of the Vienna City Administration will again grant a sponsorship award for scientific work in the field of environmental protection this year. The award is exclusively granted to natural persons for academic research papers such as diploma theses or doctoral theses (dissertations).

A special award in the field of "water" will again be sponsored in cooperation with the Vienna Water Department (MA 31). It is subject to the same terms and conditions as the main award.

Assessment and endowment of the award

All entries will be assessed by a jury of experts from the City of Vienna and local education facilities. The jury meetings are not public. The decision of the jury is definite and not disputable. The jury will award the best papers with money. The maximum amount is only available for papers completed at the time of submission.

The award-winning papers will be published online on the webpage of the Vienna Environmental Protection Department (MA 22). If selected for an award, the paper and the name of the award winner may be published. Any other course of action needs to be discussed with the MA 22.

Content requirements

The papers must be on environmental topics of interest and relevance to environmental protection in Vienna or the Vienna region. They should be of practical value and direct use to MA 22 or other City of Vienna departments in their day-to-day work.

Given the current priorities of the Vienna Environmental Protection Department (MA 22), the papers submitted should primarily focus on the following areas:

  • climate change adaptation - focus on city-related topics/urban development
  • social aspects of climate protection
  • making the food system more sustainable, animal welfare in food production
  • protection of biodiversity
  • resource protection and waste prevention
  • awareness raising for environmental and nature protection
  • water

Formal criteria

Only completed papers should be submitted. Doctoral theses or diploma theses should only be submitted after undergoing formal academic assessment and approval. Unfinished papers will only be accepted after prior consultation with the Environmental Protection Department (MA 22), and with a detailed concept on the remaining work and time required.

The papers may not be older than 5 years. Applications can only be filed by the authors of the papers.

All submissions must be in German or English. The abstracts must be written and submitted in German.

Application process

Documents required

  • Abstract of the paper submitted for the award (one page in A4 format) in German
  • Full version of the paper
  • Curriculum vitae of the author
  • If applicable, proof of scientific qualification of the entry
    • Doctoral or diploma theses: proof that the thesis has been formally approved
    • Other entries: e.g. proof of publication in scientific magazines, list of publications etc.
  • Statement of Consent to data protection and tender terms: 237 KB PDF (in German)

By applying for the award applicants agree to the tender terms.

Applications for the award must be filed by 30 September 2021.

Application (German)


  • Barbara Reinwein
  • Vienna Environmental Protection Department (MA 22)
  • E-mail: komm@ma22.wien.gv.at
  • Phone: +43 1 4000-73433

Award ceremony

The diplomas and award money will be presented to the winners during a formal evening ceremony.

Past award winners

Award winning papers since 2003 (in German)

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