Ecological Criteria Catalogues and Impact Analysis

In 1998, the City of Vienna established the ÖkoKauf Wien programme to promote climate protection. The programme aims to follow ecological criteria when buying goods, products and services in all areas of the City Administration. In accordance with a decree issued by the Chief Executive Director, all results of the ÖkoKauf Wien project such as criteria catalogues, position papers, studies and sample folders are binding. Experts have drawn up criteria catalogues for procurement procedures in several working groups. An advisory committee for legal affairs evaluates the legal validity of the criteria catalogues. They are written in a way so that the wording can be directly used in the procurement documents.

The overview of available results can be used for procurement procedures in line with the Austrian Federal Procurement Act of 2006 (Bundesvergabegesetz, BVergG).

Green Public Procurement in the City of Vienna - Impact Analysis: 3,9 MB PDF


Printing, Paper and Office Supplies

Electrical Office Equipment and Household Appliances

Vehicle Fleet

Building Services and Lighting

  • Ecological criteria for the procurement of
    • lamps, electronic ballasts and light fittings: 381 KB PDF
    • water and energy saving sanitary fittings, as well as non-adjustable flow limiters in wash basins and shower facilities: 371 KB PDF
    • water-saving cisterns: 274 KB PDF
    • boilers: 375 KB PDF
    • radiators: 292 KB PDF
    • boilers and storage tanks for hot drinking water, as well as fresh water modules with and without buffer tank for heating water: 307 KB PDF
    • of inline heating and chilled water pumps: 276 KB PDF
    • hot water underfloor heating systems: 332 KB PDF
    • urinals: 383 KB PDF
    • split and multi split air conditioning systems with a maximal cooling capacity of 20 kW: 379 KB PDF
    • chillers and chiller systems with a cooling capacity greater than 12 kW: 425 KB PDF
    • electric boilers for decentralised heating of drinking water: 364 KB PDF
    • lifts: 369 KB PDF
    • energy efficient lamps: 278 KB PDF



  • Ecological criteria for the procurement of
    • food and products of organic agriculture: 366 KB PDF
    • food with the lowest possible share of artificial trans fatty acids: 355 KB PDF
    • fresh hen eggs (shell eggs), pasteurised whole hen eggs, hen egg yolk, hen egg white of free-range hens: 428 KB PDF
  • Position paper on sustainable procurement of food and meals by the City of Vienna

Cleaning Agents

  • Ecological criteria for the procurement of
    • cleaning agents: 929 KB PDF
    • microfibre cloths including use and cleaning by third parties: 433 KB PDF


  • Ecological criteria for the procurement of

Office Furniture

  • Ecological criteria for the procurement of


Ecological criteria for the procurement of human toxicology and social criteria for textiles: 358 KB PDF

Position papers

  • Position paper of the steering committee of the ÖkoKauf Wien-programme on the avoidance of organic chlorine compounds, especially PVC: 345 KB PDF
  • Position paper on
    • sustainable procurement of food and meals by the City of Vienna
    • returnable drink packaging: 408 KB PDF
    • the ecological and economical supply of drinking water: 835 KB PDF
    • the use of fish and fish products: 872 KB PDF


  • Guideline for
    • an environmental approach to events: 466 KB PDF
    • environmentally friendly construction site management: 1 MB PDF
    • planning floor coverings in open spaces: 619 KB PDF
    • planning technical services: 759 KB PDF
    • promotional items (giveaways): 362 KB PDF

Eco-friendly Building Interiors

Tips for healthy and eco-friendly building interiors

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