OekoBusiness Wien - "Natürlich gut essen"

"Natürlich gut essen" is a programme for the Viennese gastronomy. It was created to support the development of a more sustainable food service industry in Vienna by offering co-financed consulting. To ensure the quality of the programme and to make the outcomes more visible for consumers, businesses are awarded with a label and inspected regularly.

Other labels for the food and hotel industry, such as the Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism, Smart Kitchen or Küchenprofi(t) had already been established by OekoBusiness, focusing on the reduction of CO2-Emissions, water consumption or food waste. "Natürlich gut essen" puts the focus on product purchase to ensure the highest sustainability as well as animal welfare standards. At the same time, the aim is to raise awareness among consumers for a more sustainable food and drinks industry.

Depending on criteria such as percentage of organic food, regulations regarding the food and drinks assortment in general and especially animal products, businesses are awarded with a gold, silver or bronze label. Compliance with the requirements is ensured by regular controls by an accredited certification body. An upgrade from for example Bronze to Silver is possible as soon as the terms are complied with.

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