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ISO 14001 is an environmental management system which systematically integrates environmental protection measures in business management. Under this system, environmental aspects are taken into account in day-to-day routine operations and business policy decisions alike. The international ISO 14001 series of standards supports businesses in a practical and systematic fashion in developing their own environmental management system in accordance with these universally accepted standards. Thus, ISO 14001 is an effective tool for the preparation of comprehensive inventories of adverse environmental impacts and continuous improvement efforts. One example is the assessment of environmental risks and preparation of emergency plans to reduce the number and scope of adverse incidents. Regular internal checks are performed to ensure compliance with the relevant environmental legislation.

The ISO 14001 environmental management system can be implemented by businesses which already have a quality management system in place and want to take this further by introducing systematic collection of environmental data and continuous quality improvement practices in the environmental sphere.


In a first step, the existing management system of the company is analysed, and environmental impacts and potential environmental risks are assessed. In addition, a catalogue of all applicable environmental legislation is prepared. These documents are used as a basis to prepare detailed, annually revised environmental programmes. Upon completion of the consultancy process, independent experts evaluate the environmental management system, and if the system complies with the standards, the enterprise receives the ISO 14001 certification.

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