OekoBusiness Wien - "FirmenGrün"

OekoBusiness’ "FirmenGrün" supports businesses with the creation of green spaces, with positive effects on the environment as well as the budget by reduced cooling costs in summer.

Greened company spaces, for example entrance areas, offices, balconies and terraces, as well as facades can have positive effects on employees, visitors or neighbours.

At one go, important habitats for the local flora and fauna can be created, not to mention the positive effects on air quality and microclimate. During summer time, greened walls can reduce cooling costs due to the cooling effects of plants, while evergreen plants can help reduce heating costs in winter due to an increased insulation. Several bird and bat species rely on the use of buildings as their breeding habitat. During building or facade restoration it is important, and usually takes only little effort to look at the needs of these species to ensure their survival in the city.

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