OekoBusiness Wien - EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme)

OekoBusiness Wien includes two programmes for the development of an environmental management system - ISO 14001 and EMAS, the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme. The two programmes differ mainly in how environmental impacts, environmental performance and the management system are reported and made public. EMAS requires businesses to publish a detailed environmental statement containing all concrete measures and data. Enterprises certified under ISO 14001 only need to publish their environmental policy.

Enterprises that opt for EMAS choose an environmental management system that provides an internationally recognised, complete service package. EMAS is based on the 1993 EU Eco-Audit Regulation which established the legal framework for the voluntary participation of industrial enterprises in an environmental management system and environmental audits. Businesses have been certified under EMAS in several EU countries. EMAS is recommended for businesses that aim not only at the continuous implementation and improvement of environmentally supportive policies, but also at full integration of environmental aspects into their management practices.


Under EMAS, a detailed environmental review is conducted to define, assess and document all environmental impacts of an operation. Environmental protection policies are defined as an integral part of management to achieve continuous, long-term improvement of the environmental situation. All significant results are published in a statement of environmental performance. External independent experts and the Federal Environmental Authority assess the business for conformity with all EMAS requirements. If all requirements are met, the business is registered with the EMAS Competent Body and allowed to use the EMAS logo. A re-audit is conducted after a period of three years to ensure that the company continues to comply with the EMAS requirements.

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