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ECOPROFIT focuses on water, mixed solid waste, hazardous waste, solvent emissions, electricity, natural gas, heating and process heat. Experienced consultants help businesses develop and implement environmental projects which also reduce operating costs. ECOPROFIT is especially suitable for enterprises with more than 50 employees which want to take specific measures based on a comprehensive assessment of potentials to cut down on resource inputs. The ECOPROFIT consultants need no more than ten months to get businesses on an environmentally supportive course. All relevant data is collected and assessed, and the operation is scrutinised to detect all savings potentials. Improvement measures are then designed, assessed and implemented.

In addition, ECOPROFIT offers companies certainty with respect to compliance with the law. The consultants support businesses in finding their way through the many provisions of environmental laws and regulations and help them understand which are of relevance for their business. ECOPROFIT is designed so as to allow the direct application of the results of ECOPROFIT to develop an internationally recognised environmental management system according to EMAS or ISO14001.

Since the inception of OekoBusiness Wien, ECOPROFIT has been the programme with the greatest impacts, both economically and ecologically. ECOPROFIT businesses accounted for about two-thirds of all actions taken, or 90 percent of investments made.

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