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EcoBonus addresses waste prevention and waste management, climate protection and energy efficiency. EcoBonus has a flexible structure, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to develop their own specific focal points. EcoBonus helps enterprises reduce their operating expenses while relieving the strain on the environment.

Individual consultancy services ensure functioning waste prevention and climate protection policies at the company level. On the operating cost side, companies benefit from lower energy costs and disposal fees. Projects are developed at workshops and in individual consultancy sessions. In the workshops, meetings with managers from like-minded companies lead to new insights, exchange of experiences and development of new solutions. Each company decides for itself which measures will be implemented, and upon successful completion of EcoBonus, the company receives an award by the City of Vienna.

Potential participants are all Viennese businesses with up to 50 employees. The primary target group includes operations with high energy consumption and/or those that generate substantial amounts of waste. Larger companies may also apply to the programme management to participate in EcoBonus as a first step towards participation in OekoBusiness Wien.

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