EcoBusiness Vienna - Benefits

Benefits to the environment

A look at the results clearly shows that the environment is the real winner of EcoBusiness Vienna. The following aggregate figures illustrate the effects achieved by businesses in Vienna since the launch of EcoBusiness Vienna in 1998:

  • Reduction of solid waste output by 123,243.7 tonnes - an amount that would fill Vienna's Ernst Happel football stadium 1.53 times
  • Final energy savings of 1,150 gigawatt hours - an amount equal to the annual energy consumption of all households in the state of Salzburg.
  • 331,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions saved - enough gas to fill 33,324.61 hot-air balloons
  • Reduction of total transport mileage by 93.4 million kilometres - 2,330 round-the-world trips
  • Drinking water consumption reduced by approximately 2.6 million cubic meters, 829.85 fillings of an Olympic swimming pool

Benefits for each participating company

The voluntary environmental measures worked out in the context of EcoBusiness Vienna also support the companies' profitability. By implementing their environmental protection projects, EcoBusiness Vienna participants have been able to cut their operating expenses by a total of EUR 121.4 million. Most investments in environmental protection have a payback period of less than two years.

The effort to integrate ecological policies and measures in economic activities throughout Vienna are endorsed by the evaluation report of the Vienna University of Economics. About 98 percent of participants in EcoBusiness Vienna rated the programme as "excellent" or "good".

Businesses responded very positively to some of the programme's strong points, including consultancy services, the stimulus for change it provides, the raising of environmental awareness, opportunity for a systematic analysis of a business's current situation, and the enhanced company image as a result of winning an award. The innovative impact of the measures proposed was also greatly appreciated by the participating businesses. The high-quality consultancy services provided by EcoBusiness Vienna have spawned the initiation and implementation of a wide variety of new policies and measures.

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