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With its 1.8 million inhabitants, Vienna is a strong driver for innovation at the heart of Europe. Therefore, the city must pay particular attention to energy efficiency and climate-friendly mobility, increase the use of waste heat, and promote the use of renewables for energy generation.

Much has been achieved in all these areas. The impact of the city's efforts is reflected in current energy report. For the first time ever, more people in Vienna own an annual public transport pass than a car. Switching from driving to using public transport reduces carbon dioxide emissions dramatically, as the transportation sector is the largest producer of carbon dioxide.

Downloadable data sets

The main objective of the Energy Report is to document the historical development and the current state of energy use in Vienna. The report is based on data on energy generation and use, structural and climate data, and economic parameters.

Selected data sets used in the Energy Report have been published in the OGD catalogue of the City of Vienna and are available free of charge.

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Previous Energy Reports

Energy consumption and energy flows

The energy flow chart for Vienna shows how much energy is required to supply the city, how that energy is transformed and distributed, and where it is finally used.

Energy consumption and energy flows

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