Exemption certificate for keeping harmful organisms - application

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General information

The keeping and handling (e.g., breeding, transportation, etc.) of harmful organisms is prohibited under Art. 7 (1) Vienna Plant Protection Act, Provincial Law Gazette No. 36/2002, as amended. Exemptions can be granted on application for experimental and breeding purposes and for scientific research if there are justified plant protection interests and there is no risk of carryover.

Data protection

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Applications may be filed at any time.


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Documents required

Application stating the reasons for applying, including the following information:

  • Description of the experimental and breeding purposes or the scientific research for which the exemption should be granted
  • Description of the experiment or project
  • Location and duration of the planned experiment or project
  • Type of facility (laboratory, etc.)
  • Details on the equipment used
  • Type of organism used (larva, bacterium, virus, etc.)
  • Information on how the results of the experiment or project will be utilised, e.g., in publications


The application fee is EUR 14.30 for each application. All other fees and duties must be calculated individually for each case (legal basis: Duty on Documents Act, Federal Administrative Charge Ordinance, and the Ordinance of the Vienna Provincial Government on Administrative Charges and Processing Fees).

The fees are due after the procedure has been concluded.


Online application: Exemption certificate for keeping harmful organisms (German)

Further information

Legal basis: Vienna Plant Protection Act, Provincial Law Gazette No. 36/2002 (German)

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