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General information

Market Service and Food Safety (MA 59) is in charge of granting the permit for the erection of street stalls in a number of cases. Street stalls are set up in a zone of public traffic such as pavements, parks, etc. (e.g. sausage stands), but not in a market.

MA 59 is responsible for procedures with regard to food inspection and trade regulations. The Act on Direct User Charges (Gebrauchsabgabegesetz) and other legal regulations are equally considered.


  • The street stall will be set up in a zone of public traffic (street with public transport in the sense of the 1960 Austrian Federal Road Traffic Act)
  • the street stall is mobile, that means it will not be set up on a foundation and no building permit is required

If the intended location of the stall is not on public ground owned by the City of Vienna, the applicant must obtain the property owner's consent to the erection of the intended street stall, and must submit a written declaration of consent, an agreement with the land owner, or a contract on land use.

The design and appearance of the street stall must be coordinated with the City of Vienna Architecture and Urban Design Department (MA 19): Architectural inspection of transportable street stalls (German)


Please apply in writing as early as possible to the head office of Market Service and Food Safety (MA 59) as the procedure may take some time before there will be a decision on your application. Applications for street stalls intended to be set up for individual days or up to two weeks at the most must be submitted at least four weeks before the intended set-up of the stall. An amendment of the Act on Direct User Charges (Gebrauchsabgabegesetz) has been in force since 1 March 2013.


Market Service and Food Safety (MA 59)
Head Office of the Market Service and Food Safety
1030 Vienna, Am Modenapark 1-2, 2nd floor, room 214a
Phone: +43 1 4000-59247 or -59248
Fax: +43 1 4000-99-59210

Street stalls division: Open on Thursdays (workdays only) from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm, and by prior telephone appointment. On Good Friday, 24 and 31 December from 7.30 am to 12.00 noon. Closed on public holidays.

Documents required

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of an official photo identification
  • Site map indicating the designated location of the stall at scale 1:200 as well as the direction the stall faces, the remaining width of the pavement, and the distance to the surroundings
  • Plan sketch of the street stall, including a ground plan, sketches at scale 1:50 and details on the construction, material and colours of the stall as well as two photos (or brochures) of the stall.
  • If applicable: written declaration of consent regarding the land use or agreement with the land owner on land use.

Applicants intending to set up a fast-food, sausage or kebab stall are required to submit the following additional documents:

  • A site plan indicating the designated location of the business facility that allows the authority to identify the immediate neighbours
  • A ground plan of the facility indicating the location of any equipment and machinery to be used, as well as place(s) for food consumption (if outdoors) and any ventilation outlets to be installed.
  • A list of the machinery to be used, including technical data, the sound conduction properties of ventilation inlets and outlets as well as outdoor refrigeration units
  • A description of the business facility including details on times of operation, types of food sold, and the number of places for food consumption
  • A waste management concept


The application and administrative process are subject to a fee.

Billing and payment (German)
For any questions regarding payment, please contact: Municipal Department 6 - Accounting Department 40 (German).


Since a detailed administrative inspection process is required – especially for street stall permit granted for unlimited time – it may take several weeks until applicants receive a final reply.


Application for a street stall permit: 52 KB PDF (German)
or informal letter along the lines of this form (by post or e-mail)

Download PDF Software

Further information

Street stalls in Vienna – General guidelines: 4 MB PDF (German)

Legal basis:

  • Act on Direct User Charges (Gebrauchsabgabegesetz) 1966, as amended
  • Road Traffic Act (StVO) 1960, Fed. Law Gazette 159 as amended

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