Mehrzweckkarte (MZK) - Digital products

Vector data

MZK vector data are currently available via two logical data interfaces:

  • "MZK-interface", a 116-digit sequential data format, in which all logical content can be exported.
  • DXF format

The edition of MZK data in ÖNORM A2260 format together with the ÖNORM A2261-2 object catalogue is currently in preparation.

Unless any other unit is specified, the unit of digital outputs is one hectare (10,000 square metres) in the real world. The rates payable for the digital MZK products are also calculated on the basis of this unit. In many cases, purchases are subject to a minimum order quantity.

The total area of digital data on the city map of Vienna (about 49,300 hectares) is not identical with the city territory of Vienna (about 41,500 hectares), since the city map also contains data of areas outside the city limits. The total surface covered by the MZK area is calculated by the total number of sheets on a scale of 1:1,000 covering built-up areas and amounts to 36,150 hectares. Accordingly, the green areas of the digital map cover a surface of about 13,150 hectares.

The digital data content is offered in the following standardversions at graduated rates:

  • Multi-purpose map (complete content)
  • Terrestrial data (surveyed street areas)
  • Green areas (peripheral areas) of the city

Raster data

Raster data output is available in TIF format. The unit of digital raster data output is also one hectare. The minimum order quantity is 100 hectares.


Smaller data quantities are provided on standard floppy disks.
Larger data quantities are stored on CD-ROM (650 Megabyte).
Any additional or special user requirements are subject to separate rates.

Subscriptions for MZK raster and vector data

Subscribers for a subscription contract over a term of at least ten years will receive the initial MZK data package at a greatly reduced price and, against payment of an annual subscription fee, regular updates of the data.

Terms and conditions of use

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