Video gives "A Taste of Vienna"

After their YouTube hit "A Taste of Austria", Peter Jablonowski and Thomas Pöcksteiner, two young filmmakers from Vienna, have now published a new video project as a declaration of love to the Austrian federal capital supported by the City of Vienna.

About 87,000 photos were taken over the course of a year for the time-lapse movie. However, they did not only shoot the usual tourist locations but also less-known places and new perspectives. The City of Vienna provided the video artists with access to special places such as the sewers and the tower of Vienna City Hall to provide the audiences with a unique view of the city.

Peter Jablonowski: "What I think is the most exciting thing about our time-lapse movies is that we really only use individual photos and put them together so that they look like a regular video, only faster."

Thomas Pöcksteiner says, "It is a challenge till the very end. After all, we don’t know what happens during shooting. We put the camera up and after three hours we either have beautiful photos or need to start from the beginning."

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