The Senate Chamber

The Senate Chamber The Majolika fireplace Ceiling of the Senate Chamber

In line with Friedrich Schmidt's original design, the Senate Chamber serves as the meeting-room of the City Senate. A special attraction of this hall is the beautiful majolica fireplace - a present by the Guild of Stove and Fireplace Makers dating from 1885 - on the wall facing the entrance to the hall. This is one of the most impressive rooms of the City Hall. The walls are covered with green silk damask. The ceiling - which features inlay work and gilt elements - is intricately and richly adorned. Another remarkable characteristic is the gallery of Mayors' portraits, which after the First World War replaced likenesses of the Austrian Emperors. The collection of Mayors' portraits begins in 1853 with Johann Kasper von Seiller. The likeness of the last Mayor to die is given a place of honour on the front wall of the hall. In the course of time, the portraits are thus transferred, one by one and in the clockwise direction, to the Red Salon, from where the oldest are relocated to the Historical Museum of the City of Vienna.

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