INTERACT Point Vienna

INTERACT was set up in 2003 by the European Commission and the EU Member States with the aim of supporting the implementation of cross-border, transnational and interregional EU subsidy programmes.

The City of Vienna has participated in the INTERACT programme since its establishment. Initially, Vienna was represented by INTERACT Point Managing Transition and External Cooperation. The successor facility, INTERACT Point Vienna, has been active since 2008.

INTERACT Point Vienna is one of four European INTERACT Points. The other INTERACT Points are situated in Turku (Finland), Valencia (Spain) and Viborg (Denmark).


INTERACT is the only EU programme to take the form of an exchange platform for ETC programmes and aims at the joint development of viable solutions across national borders. For example, best practices are identified, discussed and disseminated among ETC programmes located all over Europe.

  1. In the current subsidy period, INTERACT Point Vienna was entrusted with the following two focuses: technical and strategic support of ETC (Eean Co-operation) programmes in the Central and South-eastern European region.
  2. Since 2010, INTERACT Point Vienna has moreover been supporting the European Commission in the preparation and implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and assumes a central role in providing assistance to the relevant EU subsidy programmes and strategy co-ordinators.

Activity range

INTERACT Point Vienna develops tailor-made services to meet the needs of the different subsidy programmes:

  • Seminars and workshops: participants come together to network, discuss joint problems and potential solutions and develop good practices
  • Advisory services: provided on request by the managers of a specific programme, country or institution
  • Creation and stimulation of networks
  • Publication of studies, handbooks, templates, checklists

Every year, INTERACT Point Vienna organises more than 20 seminars, workshops and conferences in South-eastern Europe and other European countries. These events are attended by over 1,000 participants annually.

Importance for Vienna

The efforts and good reputation of INTERACT Point Vienna contribute to confirming the important role played by Vienna within the European Union and in the accession candidate countries. For the City of Vienna, INTERACT Point Vienna is an instrument that strengthens its profile as a pioneer of innovation, knowledge transfer and European co-operation.


INTERACT Point Vienna is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the participating EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway. The Viennese budget for INTERACT is Euro seven million Euro (ERDF co-financing rate: 85 percent) until 2014.


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