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Organigram of the structure of the Municipal Department 27

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Municipal Department 27 is the City of Vienna's municipal department in charge of European affairs. It is answerable to the Administrative Group of Finance, Economic Policy und Vienna Public Utilities and also manages the Representative Office of the City of Vienna in Brussels.


The Department is tasked with monitoring, analysing and reporting on current developments in the areas specified below. In order to prepare decisions and initiate suitable measures, its work often extends to the EU level; these activities comprise the representation of Vienna and participation in national and European networks as well as lobbying activities.

In the field of EU funding, a theoretical basis is first developed and negotiated, followed by the administration and management of the respective monies and grants.

The prime tasks of Municipal Department 27 include:

  • general affairs in connection with the European Union; co-ordination of EU-related matters within the Vienna City Administration
  • positioning of Vienna in Europe; management of the Representative Office in Brussels
  • services of general (economic) interest
  • EU cohesion policy for Vienna and the CENTROPE region

In the above areas, Municipal Department 27 posits itself as a competence hub with a highly qualified staff. Due to the high standards of specialisation in the individual activity areas, particular importance is attached to expert training within Municipal Department 27.


Municipal Department 27 aims at the positioning of Vienna and the centrope region with a view to the European integration process.


Importance for Vienna

The expertise of Municipal Department 27 serves to recognise, at an early date, such developments in the above-described areas as might impact Vienna, to prepare suitable positions for the Austrian capital and, if necessary, to highlight alternative options in order to counteract potential adverse trends. Furthermore, intensive lobbying activities aim to advance the interests of Vienna at the European level.

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